• The Coach is responsible for maintaining a high degree of presence that serves as an invitation to the Client to join in that space.

      • The Coach helps clarify the object of inquiry.

      • The Coach facilitates honing down the object of inquiry through prompts into speci c context(s).

      • The Coach is responsible for tending to the process of the session by asking prompts, listening to different parts, and helping with naming parts.

      • The Coach works within the Client’s system of meaning, which means not making interpretations for the Client, or not making de nitive meaning out of what is emerging in the Client.

      • The Coach keeps track of what is coming up regarding speci c thoughts, judgments, feelings and desires of various parts and the logistics of such connections while taking notes.

      • Once a session formally starts, the Coach follows guidelines and protocols which create a safe container for the inquiry to occur effectively.

      • The Client is responsible for exploring standing as awareness or presence to whatever is emerging in their experience during the session.

      • The Client determines the object of inquiry.

      • The Client provides real-life contexts to use in the session to deepen emotional connections.

      • The Client is responsible for reporting what is coming up when prompted by the coach, and when something new is entering the inquiry.

      • The Client is responsible for the content of the session and making interpretations, and meaning of their experiences derived from their unique perspective and relationships.

      • The Client does not have to keep track and direct the session or take notes. Their job is simply to stay emotionally connected with whatever is emerging and report it to the Coach.

      • The Client is responsible for following the directions of the Coach with the understanding that the Client will never be forced to do anything they are uncomfortable doing.

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