Learn To Acknowledge, Allow And Navigate Differences...

...in Communication Styles, Values and Gender-Specific Approaches To Life.

Let’s face it, sometimes the stereotypes are true that some men are less emotional than women. And this naturally shows up in the way men and women communicate.

Whether it is learned or hard-wired makes no difference, the important point is, men and woman sometimes talk PASS each other with their respective styles:

She listens and speaks in a language of emotional connection and he listens and speaks in a language of problem-solving.

Not only that, but they automatically silently expect (demand?) the other speak or listen that same way they do and judge them as wrong or at fault when not doing so: “He’s so in his head and can’t connect with me emotionally,” or “She is way too emotional, she needs to just get to the point.”

I can’t tell you how many problems and conflicts I’ve seen that arise from this mistaken notion that the other has to be that way we are, or do things the way we do them or they are deemed wrong.

It is not only gender differences, people differ in the way we process information, perceive things in the world, the values we hold, levels of emotional intelligence, and so on.

There is a powerful way to learn to accept differences while at the same time be proactive in getting what you want and finding solutions that work for both of you. This is easier to do when we abandon the right/wrong framework and adopt the compassionate framework.

Seeing your partner through the lens of the compassionate framework will inspire more tolerance, patience, and understanding for such differences. This leads to more calm, ease and peace in your life…and who doesn’t want that?

These 5 things you can do can create the conditions for something new and different to happen in relationship communication. I look at these awarenesses as daily practices, not quick fix solutions. They are powerful ways to actualize a loving connection and have ease in talking about issues and resolving conflicts. To accelerate your learning it is very helpful to take a structured course and to have outside guidance to make sure you are staying on track.

Learn more about the 8-Week Compassionate Communication Course.

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