Become aware of the unconscious communication habits...

That block compassionate connections.

Many of the ways we respond to each other in relationships can be very disconnecting and we don’t even know it! Even though we have good intentions our unconscious conditioning gets the best of us. We unwittingly block the flow of compassion between our selves and our partners.

So part of the challenge of learning a new Level of communication is becoming aware of ways we are responding out of our conditioning and using that as a launching pad to learn to do something differently. Let’s look at an example.

Suppose you feel upset by something a relative said to you at a gathering. You begin to speak with your partner about this upset and want to be heard, understood and would appreciate some empathy about your upset.

Instead, your well-intentioned partner gets out the toolbox and begins to fix you up by offering solutions, advice or telling you why you shouldn’t feel this way. Not the support you were hoping for, right? Your partner’s response is blocking the flow of compassion, understanding, and empathy you were wanting.

In this case, your partner could learn a new level of communication by becoming aware of his/her conditioned response and use such awareness to learn to do something differently, like empathize. And you would become aware of how to clearly articulate to your partner the ways you want to be listened to. You would share precisely how your partner could listen that would feel supportive to you.

By week 3 of the 8-week course, you will become aware of your own conditioning and begin learning to speak and respond in more compassionate connecting ways with your partner.

Learn more about the 8-Week Compassionate Communication Course.

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