An 8-Week Online Experiential Group Will Explore This Question…

How Can We Stay Presence With Ourselves and Others In The Face Of Life Challenges?

The Inner Presence Inquiry Work was designed for people who are experienced personal or spiritual growth seekers. People on a path as they say.

If you’re like me, you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in your practices to actualize a steady peace and joy in your life. Maybe you’ve calmed your mind and experience clarity, or maybe you’ve emotionally opened up to feel connected to all of life or even you’ve experience being in the flow where life is effortless.

We’ve arrived, right? Well, sort of…

Life Happens And Then We Say, “I Should Be Beyond This!”

The further along the path you get, the more disheartening and confusing it can be when things happen in your life that cause inner turbulence, disconnection, and unhappiness.

It can be very disappointing to see yourself knocked off center when you get triggered by some person, or to experience a life challenge persisting that disrupts your peace and ease.

When experiencing challenges, you might even mumble to yourself something like,

“Why haven’t I figured this out.”

Or, “With all the work I’ve done, I shouldn’t be getting triggered.”

Or “Why is this happening to me?”

Have you experienced that? I know I have.

It’s All About Seeing The Trailheads And Having The Courage To Take The Journey Into The Inner Wilderness

When life happens, instead of seeing it as a lack of progress and judging yourself, the Inner Presence Inquiry Work will teach you to view it as a trailhead (starting point) for inquiry that will take you to a specific deep place inside that needs attention, compassion, and empathy.

Many of these triggers and challenges arise from a core belief level that has remained untouched by our growth practices. But why is that? Why doesn’t our growth practices access this core belief level?

Let’s look at some core beliefs to get a better sense.

Core Beliefs Can Show Up In Many Ways In Your Life,  And Influence Your Life In Ways You Can’t Even Imagine

Maybe you experience the relationship challenges where you don’t get a sense of being seen or heard, or intimacy is not what you want, or you don’t get a sense that you matter in the relationship.

Relationships are fertile ground to explore deep core beliefs because they involve being loved or not.

Core beliefs also show up in your daily-life triggers and reactiveness.

Maybe there are certain people who consistently trigger you with intense, painful feelings that linger. A boss, a relative, a child, a friend, or neighbor? They throw you off because you overreact to them for some reason or another.

Core beliefs also show up as fears that keep you from pursuing what you want in your career, or living up to your potential. Maybe, fears of failure or success? Maybe it is fear of creating a social life or fear of pursuing creative activities like dance, art, or music.

All this to say, there are many of our life challenges that point directly to core beliefs we hold.

Three Mistakes People Make When Working With Their Beliefs That Keep Them Spinning Around Themselves

I think many people have become aware of the importance of beliefs and have shifted their psychospiritual growth efforts to focus on changing core beliefs; however….I see serious mistakes being made.

I see people automatically assume the beliefs they want to change are in conscious awareness. I found that this is simply not the case. Core beliefs are deeply hidden and need to be experientially discovered. How can you consciously change something that is hidden?

The other mistake I see people make is they’ll work with core beliefs on the abstract intellectual level often using generic secondhand knowledge of beliefs and then apply this to themselves.

For example, some expert, or book might suggest that one’s core belief is a sense of unworthiness. Typically, people accept this as true for themselves and then try to change it by embracing being more worthy without ever experientially emotionally connecting with their unique expression of unworthiness.

By contrast, The Inner Presence Inquiry Work engages beliefs on the emotional experiential level with the particular themes and meanings being unique to you.

There’s a big difference in an experiential emotional insight gained first-hand through inquiry and secondhand intellectual understanding of a core belief.

Also there’s a big difference in someone telling you what your core beliefs are and you discovering that for yourself.

The third mistake people make when trying to change beliefs is they don’t consider powerful protection that surrounds hidden beliefs.

What I’ve found is most of the core beliefs that influence your life in significant ways are subconscious and reside in the emotional centers of the brain. They are highly guarded with layers of protection.

Here’s what one participant reported about the protective layers that were experientially revealed to him in the Inner Presence Inquiry work.

“It became more apparent to me through Jerry’s 8-week course how I had intuitively developed strategies to help provide emotional/psychic safety for myself from a very young age. Now, I am able to have much more patience and compassion for my feelings of fear, insecurity, shame, and self-hatred, and even my attempts to motivate myself by self-punishment and self-judgment.”—Dr. Randy Johnson

The Gatekeepers Keep You Safe With The Costs Of Severely Limiting Your Life

What is and is not a protective layer is a huge eye-opener for many people who do this work. Some discover that even their personal or spiritual growth efforts themselves are protection! (That’s another discussion altogether.)

Often, people simply think their protection is who they are since it is so prevalent in their life. Our protective layers keep us safe from accessing the hidden beliefs and, in effect, keep us limited. Limitations such as continuing to experience unfulfilling relationships, or getting triggered, or allowing fear to prevent us from moving forward in some way.

In The Inner Presence Inquiry Work, we work gently with you to reveal and hold compassion and empathy for your protective layers and solicit their cooperation to experientially access your core unconscious emotional beliefs.

The Inquiry’s Focus On Depth Will Exponentially Accelerate You On Your Path

The inquiry has an intention and focuses on depth in accessing core beliefs because I believe that is the highest and greatest contribution I’ve made to others who were ready to receive this level of work.

I’m clear that the deep and lasting resolutions to your challenges, obstacles, and ongoing triggering pain are found in the experiential discovery and bringing presence to these deeply held beliefs.

I’ve seen people work on the surface level spending lots of time, energy, and money in their psychospiritual growth efforts without actualizing any significant results. Sure they might get a bump for a few days, but it wears off, it is not lasting change. It is very disheartening to see.

It is also frustrating for me to see because I know focusing on depth is a more efficient and effective way for people to stabilize more calm, spaciousness, love and joy.

So if you’re resonating with what I am saying in this presentation and would like to try this new approach, I encourage your to sign up. There is an incentive to sign up early, so check it out now!

So….Are you ready to take a deep dive?

     This 8-Week Online Inner Presence Experiential Group will give you many opportunities to learn and experience this Inner Presence Inquiry Work for yourself. Although there is a bit of teaching and conceptual work, most of the time will be spent in experiential inquiry mode. We will all be meeting on Zoom Video Conferencing and be able to see and relate to each other the same as we would do in person. You will:

  • Experience and learn to hold presence for yourself and apply this to all aspects of your life.
  • Experience an Inner Presence Inquiry for yourself and go deep.
  • Feel the continuity of support for whatever came up in the inquiry over the eight weeks.
  • Vicariously learn by witnessing someone being expertly guided to hold presence for their self.
  • Offer your support (the non fix-it variety) in a group setting and learn from that perspective.
  • Feel the support and connection of like-hearted people in a comfortable, safe group container.

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