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Six Ways to Work With a Person’s Innate Wisdom and Intelligence to Facilitate Deep Transformation

In this presentation, you will learn:

6 Ways to Work With a Person’s Innate Wisdom and Intelligence to Facilitate Deep Transformation

1) Offering Clients The Gift Of High-Degree of Presence:  What is a high-degree of presence? How do you know you abide in such presence? Do you have a stable way to support clients from this presence? What does presence have to do with coaching?

2) Cultivating Nonjudgmental, Nondirective Space: Offering Clients directives such as “get out of your head,” or even offering positive appraisements about their behavior are ways the session space can be fouled with your judgments… which can impact safety and depth.

3) Coaching Within The Value System Of The Client: Do you superimpose what you think is healthy, normal, or advanced onto your client instead of letting them decide that for themselves? Do you have a subtle or not so subtle agenda of where you think the client should be or should go?

4) Inspiring Clients’ Innate Wisdom: Do you give advice, speak like a guru, try to fix and change the client as they express their challenges? This could be supplanting their own wisdom! I found the deepest and most lasting transformations come from the Client’s innate intelligence.

5) Effectively Working With Clients On The Unconscious Belief Level: How the Coach supports the client to connect with their unconscious beliefs makes all the difference in the world as to whether they are effortlessly transformed or remain intact pulling the strings in their lives. Do you work with Client beliefs on an intellectual basis only? How would you know? Do you inspire clients to work on beliefs that are simply second-hand knowledge?

6) Coaching From a Space That Neither Focuses On The Negative Or Positive: Do you try to get a client to see the positive when they express something negative? Do you view negative feelings as a sign of not being advanced, unspiritual, unhealthy, not psychologically sound?