FREE Live Online Workshop Thursday, June 27th at 8:00 pm EDT (5:00 pm PDT)

6 Essential Skills For Mastering Presence and Self-Compassion!

Come learn 6 Essential Skills for MASTERING PRESENCE and Self Compassion in the face of daily life triggers!

Discover how to support yourself to stabilize your serenity, joy, and open-heartedness.

1) Getting Clear About What is and is Not a High Degree of Presence:  What is a high-degree of presence? How do you know you are abiding in such Presence? Do you have a stable way to support yourself from this presence?

2) Cultivating Nonjudgmental, Nondirective Space for Yourself: Learning how to “be with” and allowing your feelings, thoughts, and body sensations as they change and flow within a context of a trigger.

3) Empathizing and Holding Presence For Yourself From a Space of Openness. Do you have a subtle or not so subtle agenda of where you think your inner inquiry should go?

4) Inspiring Your Innate Wisdom: Do you give yourself advice or try to fix and change whatever emerges as challenging? This could be supplanting your wisdom that emerges from Presence itself! I found the deepest and most lasting transformations come from your innate intelligence.

5) Effectively Working On The Unconscious Belief Level: How you connect with your unconscious beliefs makes all the difference in as to whether they are effortlessly transformed or remain intact pulling the strings in your life. Do you work with beliefs on an intellectual basis only? How would you know?

6) Supporting Yourself From a Space That Neither Focuses On The Negative Or Positive: Do you try to see the positive when you feel so-called negative feelings? Do you view negative feelings as a sign of not being advanced, unspiritual, unhealthy, not psychologically sound?