Compassionate Communication is highly effective for communicating in RelationshipsParent and Child InteractionsFriends and Siblings and Business Relationships. It deepens Spirituality and is an effective alternative or addition to Marriage Counseling or therapy.

Online Compassionate Communication Course

This 8-week online course will lift you out your ineffective communication grooves and give you a new framework from which to communicate so that you experience peace, harmony, and a deeper connection in your relationships.

Inner Presence Inquiry Work

This 8-week course teaches people how to hold compassion and empathy for ALL parts of themselves. Such deep self-connections can be highly transformative.

Couples Counseling

Explore ways to deepen and enrich your relationship or get past conflict to resolution with the important issues.

Individual Counseling

If you want to roll up your sleeves and dive into the root causes of your challenges in your life, then private work we do is effective and efficient.